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Distribution and reproductive biology of the Electric ray Discopyge tschudii Heckel, 1846 in San Matías Gulf, Northern Patagonia, Argentina by Estalles, Marilú Publication: [s.l.] Neotropical Ichthyology 2011 . pp. 831-838 Date: 2011 Availability: Items available: (1),

Chondrichthyans of the San Matías Gulf, Patagonia, Argentina by Perier, María R. Publication: . 213-220 p Availability: Items available: Separatas (1),

El savorín Seriolella porosa como un recurso estacional en el Golfo San Matías, República Argentina by Perier, María Raquel Publication: Mar del Plata INIDEP 2002 . 15-26 p Date: 2002 Availability: Items available: Separatas (1),