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When the tiny help the mighty: facilitation between two introduced species, a solitary ascidian and a macroalga in northern Patagonia, Argentina by Pereyra, Patricio Javier Publication: San Antonio Oeste Mar Biol 2017 . 7p. Date: 2017 Availability: Items available: Hemeroteca (1),

Abundance of the sponge Hymeniacidon cf. perlevis in a stressful environment of Patagonia: relationships with Ulva lactuca and physical variables by Gastaldi, Marianela Publication: Cambridge Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 2016 . V. : pp. 465–472 Date: 2016 Availability: Items available: Hemeroteca (1),

Context-dependent interaction between an intertidal sponge and a green macroalga in a variable temperate Patagonian bay. by Gastaldi, Marianela Publication: San Antonio Oeste Marine Ecology Progress Series 2017 . V. : pp.21-32 Date: 2017 Availability: Items available: Hemeroteca (1),