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Settlement of tehuelche scallop, Aequipecten tehuelchus D'Orb., larvae on artificial substrata in San Matı́as Gulf (Patagonia, Argentina) by Narvarte, Maite A. Publication: Elsevier . 55-65 p Availability: Items available: Separatas (1),

Biology and fishery of the whelk Buccinanops globulosum (Kiener, 1834) in northern coastal waters of the San Matías Gulf, Patagonia, Argentina by Narvarte, Maite A. Publication: Elsevier 2006 . 131-137 p Date: 2006 Availability: Items available: Separatas (1),

Marine sponges (Porifera) from the Bah ía San Antonio (North Patagonian Gulfs, Argentina), with additions to the phylogeography of the widely distributed Cliona aff. celata and Hymeniacidon perlevis , and the description of two new species. by Gastaldi, Marianela Publication: United Kingdom Marine Biology Research 2018 . V. : 35p. Date: 2018 Availability: Items available: Hemeroteca (1),

Global Change in Atlantic Coastal Patagonian Ecosystems by Helbling, E. Walter ed. Publication: Suiza Moremedia | Springer Cham 2021 . XXX, 463p. Date: 2021 Availability: No items available: