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Fertilization, larval rearing and post-larval growth of the Tehuelche scallop Aequipecten tehuelchus D'Orb., 1846 by Narvarte, Maite Publication: Elsevier . 259-274 p Availability: Items available: Separatas (1),

Diet trials on tehuelche scallop Aequipecten tehuelchus (d'Orb) larvae by Narvarte, Maite Publication: Springer . 127-131 p Availability: Items available: Separatas (1),

Carriage of dwarf males by adult female puelche oysters: the role of chitons by Pascual, Marcela S. Publication: New York Elsevier 1997 . pp.173-185 Date: 1997 Availability: No items available:

Consideraciones sobre la explotación del mejillon (Mytilus edulis platensis) en la costa bonaerense. by Lasta, Mario L. Publication: Mar del Plata Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero - INIDEP 1986 . 45-55pp. Date: 1986 Availability: Items available: (1),