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El Mar Argentino y sus recursos pesqueros ; Tomo 2   Publication: Mar del Plata Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero 1997 . 232 p. 27 cm. Date: 1997 Availability: Items available: (2),

Estudio de la viabilidad Técnica de extracción del carbonato de calcio de la caparazón de los moluscos bivalvos (vieira, mejillón y almeja) by Salvaterrra, H.A. Publication: San Antonio Oeste Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Instituto de Biología Marina y Pesquera "Alte. Storni" 2006 Date: 2006 Availability: Items available: (1),

Bacterial nutrition of great scallop larvae by Moal, J. Publication: Aquaculture International. Journal of the European Aquaculture Society 1996 . 215-223pp. Date: 1996 Availability: Items available: (1),

Influence of algal diets on biochemical composition and energy reserves in patino pecten yessoensis larvae by Whyte, J. N. C. Publication: Netherlands Aquaculture 1989 . 333-347pp. Date: 1989 Availability: Items available: (1),

Salinity tolerance of the catarina scallop argopecten ventricosus circularis(sowerby II, 1842) by Brailovsky Singnoret, Gisele Publication: Journal of Shellfish Research 1996 . 623-626 Date: 1996 Availability: Items available: (1),

Optimum concentrations of isochrysis galbana for growth of larval and juvenile bay scallops, agropecten irradians concentricus (SAY) by Lu, Yantian T. Publication: Journal of shellfish Research 1996 . vol. 15 N°3, 635-643, 1996 Date: 1996 Availability: Items available: (1),

Análisis de la captura incidental asociada a la pesquería de vieira patagónica (Zygochlamys patagonica King & Broderip, 1832) by Bremec, Claudia S. Publication: Mar del Plata Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero - INIDEP 1998 . 22 p. Date: 1998 Availability: No items available:

Estado actual de las poblaciones de vieiras, chlamys tehuelcha, en las costas norte y sur del Golfo San José, Provincia del Chubut by Olivier, Santiago R. Publication: Puerto Madryn CENPAT 1974 . 20p. Date: 1974 Availability: Items available: (1),

Planting bay scallops by Wenczel, Peter Publication: New York New York State urban development corporation 1992 . 135p. Date: 1992 Availability: Items available: Colección General (1),

From logbooks to laptops; The benefits that arose from a management crisis in the Canadian East Coast, offshore scallop fishery and the introduction of monitoring the fleet by Matthews, Peter Publication: . 285-302pp. Availability: Items available: Colección General (1),

The impacts of scallop dredging on sponge assemblages in the Gulf of Kalloni (Aegean Sea, northeastern Mediterranean) by Kefalas, E. Publication: ICES Journal of Marine Science 2003 . 402–410P. Date: 2003 Availability: Items available: Separatas (1),

Study of seasonal settlements of five scallop species in the western Mediterranean by Peña, J. B. Publication: Aquaculture International 1996 . pp. 253-261 Date: 1996 Availability: Items available: Separatas (1),

Food consumption by the cock fish,Callorhynchus callorhynchus (Holocephali: Callorhynchidae), from Patagonia (Argentina) by Di Giácomo, Edgardo Publication: Environmental Biology of Fishes 1994 . pp. 199–211 Date: 1994 Availability: Items available: Separatas (1),