SEPARATAS RSS feed for public list SEPARATAS Accumulation of fatty acids in chaetoceros gracilis (Bacillariophyceae) during Stationary Growth Phase by Hatate, Hideo An alternative life history approach to the nutrition and feeding of Siluroidei larvae and early juveniles Bacterial nutrition of great scallop larvae Biology and fishery of the whelk Buccinanops globulosum (Kiener, 1834) in northern coastal waters of the San Matías Gulf, Patagonia, Argentina by Narvarte, Maite A. Carriage of dwarf males by adult female puelche oysters: the role of chitons by Pascual, Marcela S. Chondrichthyans of the San Matías Gulf, Patagonia, Argentina by Perier, María R. Comparative effects of microalgal species and food concentration on suspension feeding and energy budgets of the pearl oysters pinctada margaritiferaand P. maxima (bivalvia: Pteriidae) Conservation Aquaculture and endangered species: by Anders, Paul J. Diet and feeding regimens for larval doughboy scallops, Mimachlamys asperrima Diet trials on tehuelche scallop Aequipecten tehuelchus (d'Orb) larvae by Narvarte, Maite Dimorfismo sexual y relaciones morfométricas de Atlantoraja platana (Günther, 1880) en aguas del golfo San Matías, Patagonia by Coller, Nidia Marina Distribución de la poblacióndel Pez gallo (Callorhynchus callorhynchus) en el Golfo San Matías, Argentina by Di Giácomo, Edgardo Distribution and reproductive biology of the Electric ray Discopyge tschudii Heckel, 1846 in San Matías Gulf, Northern Patagonia, Argentina by Estalles, Marilú Dwarf males in the puelche oyster (Ostrea puelchana, Dòrb.): Differential mortality or selective setlement? by Pascual, Marcela Effect of light on the vertical distribution of Pecten maximus larvae by Kaartvedt, Stein Effects of different feeding regimens on larval growth and the energy budget of juvenile chilean scallops, Argopecten purpuratus lamarck El savorín Seriolella porosa como un recurso estacional en el Golfo San Matías, República Argentina by Perier, María R. Estimation of species richness: analysis of the methods developed by Chao and Karakassis Estudio preliminar de la variación estacional de parametros físicos y químicos en el área de Bahía Nueva by De Vido de Mattio, Norma Experimental trap fishery for the crabs Platyxanthus patagonicus and Ovalipes trimaculatus in the San Matías Gulf, Patagonia, Argentina by Narvarte, Maite Extending the stress-gradient hypothesis – is competition among animals less common in harsh environments? by Barrio, Isabel C. Extreme stresses, niches, and positive species interactions along stress gradients by He, Qiang Feeding adaptations of the pearl oysters pinctada margaritifera and P. maxima to variations in natural particulates by Yukihira, H. Feeding habits of cockfish, callorhinchus callorhynchus (holocephali: callorhynchidae), in Patagonian waters (Argentina) by Di Giácomo, Edgardo Fertilization, larval rearing and post-larval growth of the Tehuelche scallop Aequipecten tehuelchus D'Orb., 1846 by Narvarte, Maite Global shifts towards positive species interactions with increasing environmental stress. by He, Qiang Growth and survival of atlantic surfclam, Spisula Solidissima, larvae and juveniles fed various microalgas diets Growth and survival of spisula solidissima similis larvae fed different rations of tahitian strain isochrysis species Indestion and digestion index of catarina scallop Agropecten ventricosus-circularis, Sowerby II, 1942, velinger larvae with ten microalge species. Influence of algal diets on biochemical composition and energy reserves in patino pecten yessoensis larvae by Whyte, J. N. C. La nutrition des larves bivalves by Albert Lucas Macrobenthic community in tolo Harbour, Hong Kong and its relations with heavy metals by Chen, Kouping No longer the pristine confines of the world ocean: a survey of exotic marine species in the Sothwestern Atlantic by Orensanz, José María Optimum concentrations of isochrysis galbana for growth of larval and juvenile bay scallops, agropecten irradians concentricus (SAY) by Lu, Yantian T. Predation of scallop, Placopecten magellanicus, by the rock crab, cancer irriratus, and the american lobster, Homarus americanus by Elner R. W. Refining the stress- gradient hypothesis for competition and facilitation in plant communities by Maestre, Fernando T. Relative importance of different size food particles in the natural diet of oyster larvae (Crassostrea virginica) by Baldwin, Brad S. Reproductive biology of the cockfish, Callorhynchus callorhynchus (Holocephali: callorhynchidae), in Patagonian waters (Argentina) by Di Giacomo, Edgardo Salinity tolerance of the catarina scallop argopecten ventricosus circularis(sowerby II, 1842) by Brailovsky Singnoret, Gisele Settlement of tehuelche scallop, Aequipecten tehuelchus D'Orb., larvae on artificial substrata in San Matı́as Gulf (Patagonia, Argentina) by Narvarte, Maite A. Spawning aggregations of Meluccius hubbsi, in patagonian waters: evidence for a single stock? by Di Giacomo, Edgardo Spawning aggregations of Merluccius hubbsi, in Patagonian waters: evidence for a single stock? by Di Giácomo, Edgardo The effect of dietary protein content on growth and biochemical composition of Chilean scallop Argopecten purpuratus (L.) postlarvae and spat. by Uriarte, Iker The perpetual oversight of hatchery programs Vital staining of bivalve mollusk shells with alizarin sodium monosulfonate by HIdu, Herbert